Thursday, August 02, 2007

Latest progress

Just a little quick update. During the last month I have removed 40 years of paint and fillers from the bonnet. This added up to quite a bit of weight. It's now down to the cell coating and the next step is do a proper repair of the badly patchings that have been done. This includes grinding down the areas with spider cracks and around the holes and building up some proper glass fiber to avoid future spider cracks.

I've spend quite some time figuring out what kind of steel tubes to use for the repairs to the chassis. I've received different advice and I have decided to go for "hydraulic tubes" (freely translated from Danish) with the formal name "DIN 2391, quality K235(ST35)". This is a seamless tube of a mild steel composite. I'll do the fitting of the new tubes myself and spot weld them into place. Thereafter I'll have a specialist welder to braze the tubes together.


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